Markley: Bond Commission Must Reject Malloy’s $10 Million Toll Study

State Sen. Joe Markley, R-Southington, said the State Bond Commission should dismiss “out of hand” a proposed $10 million bond issue that Gov. Dannel Malloy called for today to once again study highway tolling in Connecticut.

Connecticut is right to count prisoners where they’re housed

Prison inmates are among the most permanent of a town’s residents. They reside in a given correctional facility, day and night, often for several or many years.

‘Busway to Nowhere’ is exhibit A in fight against idealogues

I used to be known for fighting Lowell Weicker’s state income tax, that grand error that set us on our road to economic ruin. The sight of the crowd at the Axe the Tax rally —65,000 citizens standing up for common sense– was the defining vision of my political life.

Joe Markley’s Fight for Political Free Speech in Connecticut

There is an important and ongoing political free-speech fight occurring in Connecticut that deserves greater attention from conservatives; if only because it shows the partisan lengths liberal Democrats go to in order to suppress the First Amendment.

Sen. Markley: Andrew McDonald Is Unfit To Be Chief Justice

The drumbeat on behalf of Andrew McDonald’s elevation to chief justice of our state Supreme Court is impressive in both rhythm and volume. His supporters claim that rank partisanship or secret homophobia drives his opposition and that there is no legitimate reason to vote against him.

Senator Markley: Tolls Another Way For State To Pick Our Pockets

The state is broke and needs new revenue sources. Supporters of tolls say it’s one solution. State Senator Joe Markley, a Republican candidate for lieutenant governor, writes in this commentary that implementing tolls is “just one more tax, another way for the state to pick our pocket.”

Has Dan Malloy lost his mind?

If there’s a quote I’m tired of hearing, it’s the one groundlessly attributed to Einstein, which defines insanity as doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result.

Guest Column: A new Connecticut tax on heating oil? Really?

The liberal ideologues who control the Democratic Party in Connecticut cannot learn from their errors.

State Sen. Joe Markley: “I’ve seen this story before…”

Years of bad policy create a fiscal crisis in Connecticut. Facing an enormous deficit, the legislature adjourns without a budget. A headstrong and unpopular governor insists that his solution alone can solve the problem, and promises to veto all other plans. Public frustration mounts. Legislative patience frays.

State Sen. Joe Markley: Want a preview of what regionalism would bring?

What frightens me about the regionalism debate in Connecticut is that some otherwise sensible people seem to swallow the notion. Regionalism is sold as a means of efficiency — as if the creation of a new layer of government will save taxpayers money.